Executive Orders


As President Trump came into office and signed a flurry of executive orders, including his immigration ban, I decided to explore previous executive orders. The American Presidency Project records presidential papers including executive orders, press conferences, and state of the union addresses. The records, however are not made available in a exportable table, so I used python to scrape the details for each order and created my own dataset.

In my visualization, I wanted an easy way to see all of a president’s executive orders at once, when they were issued in the presidency, and how these orders relate to previous orders. I settled on this design where each line represents an order.

The orders can be filtered by category. These are categories that I populated by searching for terms in the order text using python.

Highlighting over an order, shows the text in the right column. If the order references other orders by number in the text, the referenced orders are in yellow. This data was also generated by searching the text of each order for unique 5 number identifications.

Check out the visualization here.